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Ppower NON rechargeable & Rechargeable F
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PLEASE READ THIS before using PPOWER batteries & charger


Q: When inserting new batteries into Arlo camera, it shows only 50% even after charging?

A:Please use them first then recharging them from 0% , as all new batteries come with around 50% capacity to avoid voltage drops . It needs to start with a new cycle.

Q: One/Some slot(s) in charger does not have signal after inserting the battery?

A: Please adjust the battery lightly in order to get the best connection. And make sure your batteries are 3.7V rechargeable one (not 3v cr123).And make sure you charge one battery instead of two in one slot. If problem remains, please contact

Q: Battery does not have signal in charger after several time of use?

A: Battery life can be affected by many different factors, from how often and how long the batteries are charged, camera location/settings, how batteries are stored, etc. . For example, It may due to dropped voltage, please try to use the charger to charge a few time; if problem remains, please contact , it may need special charger to activate the battery

Q: Rechargeable battery does not last longer than Non rechargeable battery?

A:Typically rechargeable batteries have about half the run time as disposable/non-rechargeable batteries with the benefit of multiple uses. However, you can recharge the battery for more than hundred times if you keep the habit of charging the battery when it reaches to 20%.

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