Ppower Pbe 12 packs of 2600mAh 3.7v 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery + PPOWER 4 Slots Li-ion charger (PI4)


  • CHOOSE RECHARGEABLE: Ppower mission is to provide smart energy solutions that will encourage more people to switch to rechargeable batteries and other Eco-friendly energy sources. In the United States alone, each year 2.9 billion batteries are thrown away with 179,000 Tons of them ending up in Landfills. By taking a small step through switching to rechargeable batteries and recycling old cells we can make a difference together!
  • 2017 Upgrade Version SOLID CAPACITY: Ppower batteries can be recharged 800x times, this means you are getting more out of each cell and can depend on their quality for any applications from cameras to flashlights, remote controls and video camera.
  • • RAPID CHARGING PERFORMANCE: It takes only 2-3 hour to fully charge the batteries. This international charger can be used worldwide with different plugs
  • SHORT-CIRCUIT PROTECTION: Charger features over-charge protection to prevent battery damage. Automatically stops charging when complete
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Charger can be used to charge batteries either as a Car charger with DC (5V 2A) or as a home charger using AC



PPOWER is a certified brand manufacture that produce PPOWER rechargeable battery series such as AA/AAA/9V/C/D/18650 rechargeable battery, varies of battery chargers for different types of batteries . The PPOWER series products have been certified by CE and ROHS.

Battery Specifications: 1. Cell type: Rechargeable 18650

2. Capacity: 2600mAh

3. Voltage: 3.7V(fully charged 3.9V)

4. Material: Li-ion

5. Dimensions: 2.6inch*0.6inch (L*W)

6. Weight: 1.57 oz

About the 4 Slots Rapid Li-ion Batteries Charger (PI4):

Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz 0.15A DC5V-24V1A

Output Voltage: DC4.2V650MA*4


Compatible with: Li-ion-32650 26650 22650 18650 18490 17670 17500 16340 14500 10440 \16340( RCR123 )

Weight: 181g

Optimal working environment: humidity 5-90% and temperature -10°C – 40°C (fully-laden regular activity)

Storage temperature: -20°C-85°C

Charge indicator lights: Power light – Red LED: Charging ;Blue LED: Charging is finished

Package Includes:12 X2600mAh 3.7v 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery + 1 x Ppower 4 Slots Rapid Li-ion Batteries Charger (PI4)+ battery box(es)

Product Warranty :All Ppower batteries/ Chargers are covered by two-year warranty!! Please do not hesitate to contact us for any problem! However, please notice and understand buyers are responsible for the replacement shipping fees after three months of uses.

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries Safety Warnings :

1. Always store at battery plastic box when not using; Avoid contact with keys, coins or other metal items

2. Must not use the battery under the sun or high temperature

3. Must not store the battery under the sun or high temperature

4. Must not charge overnight

5. Do not overcharge or undercharge (Keeping 20% capacity); Good for battery durability